Take it a little higher and speak life.

IMG_19800105_190122Most of my dreams are just plain weird. But once in awhile the Spirit of God breaks into my sleep and writes a message to my heart through a dream. Before you mock, the same thing happens to you too, more than you think. A few nights ago I had such a dream.  In this dream I was in an airliner at an incredible altitude.  Giant Cloud formations stretched out far beneath the aircraft jealously reaching in a vain attempt to touch us. Outer space beckoned us to climb just a little higher to join the stars dancing above. The sounds and sights were incredibly vivid. I can still hear and see it. I wasn’t the pilot, just a passenger. As the plane flew it repeatedly changed directions. I had the sense that we were so high up that we could land anywhere on earth in a matter of minutes. I marveled as the plane darted from one part of the world to another effortlessly. Then I awoke. When have such dreams I often wait for the Lord to make clear it’s meaning. Here’s what I got. He seemed to be saying to me: “Mark, if you will live at a higher altitude in your thoughts, speech, and actions I can take you in directions you never imagined for my purpose and glory. The higher up you live the farther you can go, in other words.” I want to live my life on a higher level. Don’t you? Most of the time we grovel around in survival mode never really experiencing God. It’s easier just to get by than to reach higher for the life God has for us. The Apostle Paul put it this way; “If you are risen with Christ then seek those things that are above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God” Have you ever wondered if your life could be more than it is? I wonder what would happen if you stepped up your game spiritually? I wonder how much richer your experience of God would be if you put a little more energy into the fleeting life he has given you? What if you raised your actions above mere self preservation and risked compassion for a stranger? What if you lifted your flight pattern above mere tolerance, and flew into the realm of sacrificial love? What if you soared beyond a monthly gift to charity and invested yourself personally in helping someone in a third world country? Jesus lived on such a level and beckons those who call themselves followers, or disciples, to do the same. To do less than Jesus did borders on mere religion. If we are risen with him then we have to fly at his altitude.  What if you elevated the way you speak to others, for example? What if you chose to soar above the gossipy, hypercritical, politically charged death speak of our day and began speaking life into the lives of people around you? I wonder how much greater your view would be of the world around you.  I wonder how much joy would overtake your anxiety and frustration. I wonder how life would look to all of us if we raised our speech a little higher and became life speakers. Jesus was and is the ultimate life speaker. He says in John’s gospel, “The words that I speak to you are spirit and life.” I want to be a life speaker like Jesus.That’s one goal of this blog. I want to write about life in Christ in hopes that it will fill you with faith, hope and love and lift you to a new level. In other words I want this blog to speak life into you. In addition to reflecting on the scriptures I hope to talk about my life as a father, husband, teacher, and pastor. I want to share how the life giver is lifting me higher as I trust in him. I invite you to come along and help me speak life to the world we live in.  Let’s all become life speakers. Enjoy. More later. Thanks for stopping by.


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