Speak life from the parking lot to the school house

IMG_19800105_194442What a day! Yesterday I went out to a local apartment complex where I have been ministering. I had been asked to lead Bible study for a family that lives there. As it was a beautiful day it many of the residents were outside allowing the children to play while the adults talked. I was introduced to a woman who had C.O.P.D. She asked me to pray for her and so I did. You guessed it. She said she felt heat going into her lungs during the prayer. I asked her to take some deep breaths beyond what she could normally do. And she did! Then I began to share the gospel with her and a few others who were standing there. As I shared others stopped by to listen. At the end of our time together two women rededicated their lives to Jesus and four children and one man received  Christ as savior and Lord! They’ve asked if we can continue having Bible study there every week. I stayed as long as I could praying with others for healing and special needs then I had to leave…which leads to the next awesome thing.

At Oakdale Christian Academy, where I teach, God is moving mightily among our students. They are getting so hungry for God and experiencing miracles in their own lives. One result has been the start of student led worship and prayer once a week. Last night was the first night. What a joy it was to see students and staff just worshiping and sharing together. I listened as students told of spontaneous prayer and Bible study, re-commitments, and just finding a passion to minister to each other. Many have been praying for revival on our campus all year and it seems we are seeing the beginnings of it. Needless to say I am elated to see life springing up in my community and school. God is at work all around us if we will just open our eyes beyond the demands of existence and look with the eyes of faith and love. Today if you are looking for revival in your life it’s really simple. Just get back to the basics of faith and obedience to Jesus. Get alone with God and call on him in simple faith. Put away your intellectual toys and just believe. Surrender your will to him. Stop telling him what to do for you and start asking what you can do for him. Then step out in obedience wherever he leads. Let this be your prayer; “Have your way Lord” In the words of my friend and colleague, Will, “Make it a great day.”


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