Drop the cane and dance in the rain.

IMG_19800105_213701Yesterday God showed up again. I went downtown to a local ministry in our community to make arrangements for our community Palm Sunday cross walk, a yearly event put on by the Ministerial Association. When I arrived and met with Cathaleen, the ministry director. There were two women with her. As soon as I walked by them I got a strong impression from the Lord that someone was in pain. So I asked them if that was the case. Both said yes. One sister, an older woman, said that her hip was in severe pain from Osteo Arthritis. The other was dealing with strep throat. We had prayer and God healed both right there on the spot. The woman with the hip pain, cried for joy and walked around leaving her cane behind.  She just kept repeating, “It’s gone! It’s gone!” We spent a while just hugging necks and celebrating the work of God in her life. What a joy to see. I’m so amazed by these spontaneous moments of grace. Friends, that is the kingdom of God. When God does such things its not for the sake of promoting religion, and certainly not to promote a person. God is showing his kingdom for his glory. People are being healed in the name of Jesus Christ.

But wait,,. there’s more.

This points to a greater healing though. You know every person who has been healed will still die one day. And each of us will live forever in the presence of God or hopelessly separated from Him. Physical healing points to a greater need in our lives and that is the healing of the soul. Every soul on earth is created for God’s glory and purpose. Yet we have all, on some level, rejected God’s purpose and sought to live our own lives on our own terms. The Bible says, “all we like sheep have gone astray.” Jesus came to earth over two millenia ago, not simply to be a teacher, but to rescue humanity from it’s own tragic rebellion against God. You and I have a sickness that is deeper than physical pain. It’s the sin of self-centeredness.. (your irritation with me right now is proving my point. Thanks.) That self-centeredness is the one thing that keeps you and me cut off from God in this life and, unless something changes, forever. We have all rebelled against God’s commands and will face his righteous judgment for our sins. Nothing you can do or say on that day will bring you into eternal life. You have an eternally terminal disease. You have no hope within yourself to cure it. You are totally lost. But there is hope. There is a cure. There is a healer for your sin. Jesus came to earth and did the most selfless thing a person could do. The verse above goes on to say, “the Lord has laid on him the iniquity (sin) of us all.” He died a criminals death on the cross, paying the penalty for your sin, though he was perfectly righteous. Then he rose from the dead proving that he was more than a prophet or teacher. He was and is, the son of God. He won forgiveness for our sin and hope for eternal life. If you want to know true healing you’ll have to look beyond physical miracles and let him heal your soul. Turn from your self centered lifestyle and put your faith in Jesus. Commit yourself to him. Follow him and let him show you how to live the way God intends. Is your soul hungry and broken? Are you tired of trying to convince yourself that life is meaningless and that God is not real? Are you burned out on your search for self? Ready to find the life God created you for? Then go to God in simple prayer. No magic words or religious hoops to jump through. Faith is all that’s required. Surrender you life to Jesus and ask him to give you a new life. As surely as that sister threw away her cane and walked away with joy, you can throw away the emptiness of sin and walk away with a new life. He is the healer you have been looking for. After these women were healed we walked outside and the rain began to fall. I wanted to dance in it. That’s what Jesus does when you really trust him. He takes away your cane and shows you how to dance in the rain. Be a life speaker today and help somebody dance in the rain.

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