The Doctor is in and He will see you now.


Imagine walking into a doctor’s office for help with a terrible illness. Imagine that you sit there reading outdated magazines for hours waiting for those life giving words, “the doctor will see you now.” but after hours of waiting no one comes. Imagine that you walk up to the receptionist and ask if the doctor is in. Now imagine the feeling as she explains, “Oh, I’m sorry, I thought you knew. The doctor stopped practicing medicine years ago. This office is a place to think about what the doctor used to do. People don’t come here to get well, but only to remember the days when He used to practice medicine. In fact the good doctor has written a book about his career if you’d like to read it. The memoirs of his past medical feats are truly inspirational! We have study groups once a week where we read his stories and memorize his prescriptions for inspiration. I’m sorry you thought he was still in practice. Can I sign you up for a study group?” My suspicion is that you would be angry, disappointed, and frustrated to say the least. Perhaps the reason so many are angry, disappointed and frustrated in church today is that we have handed them the same experience on Sunday morning. We come together like some kind of historic society and reminisce about “Bible times” and all that God used to do, but we dare anyone to actually believe he still does them.I’m glad today to say that the great physician is still in the healing business. The healer from Nazareth does not need our permission to be who he is. He is still in practice. I’m glad today that the Doctor will see you now. Right now.

Seeing God extend his hand to heal is a powerful faith builder. I know, my faith doesn’t live or die by miracles. God is who he is with or without them, but what a joy to see pain stop, vision restored, and freedom regained. As this ministry goes on I’m beginning to see what I’ve always suspected. There’s more to healing than the “wow” factor of seeing God touch broken people miraculously. When I see a man come forward for healing of Chronic pain, and I look down and see his precious young daughter holding him tightly while we pray I feel like I’m getting healed too. Something in my heart is brought to life. A little of the old hardness softens. When a woman comes seeking healing because she’s afraid she may not have children, and I almost can’t pray through my own tears, and I feel the joy of hope for her rising up, I experience healing in my own soul. When teenager tormented by dark thoughts and deep grief finds peace and freedom, I feel like I’m the being set free. Whenever Jesus healed a person he always pointed them to the greater healing, the healing of the soul. I think one of the reasons he allows us to participate in his ministry, whether it be healing, preaching, befriending, feeding or whatever expression we are given to share, is that he wants us to experience his healing in our own lives, and restoration for our own souls. Whatever your calling, my fellow life speaker, know that God is not only working through you, He is working in you and for you. he has begun a great work of redemption in you and has gifted you in a way that not only ministers through you, but to you. The Doctor is truly in and He will see you now.


Happy Birthday to me. We aint seen nothin’ yet.

IMAG0121Today I am fifty one years old. I haven’t blogged in a few weeks so I thought this would be a good day for it. It’s been a pretty active few weeks so this is honestly the first day I’ve sat still long enough to write. Whew! It’s hard to know where to start. You know writing blogs is funny. To do this you have to either assume that people are actually interested enough in your life to read what you put down, or you have to simply not care what people like and write because you just want to, or need to express what’s rolling around in your mind. I’m still not sure which of those best describes me at the moment. Anyway here is a quick summary of the last three weeks. Two of my children graduated, School ended for the summer with an awesome Senior play, directed by yours truly, revival broke out on campus as students began to experience God’s love and power in a fresh way, several students at another school surrendered their lives to Christ in their spiritual emphasis week, healing continues to happen in church, and in unusual places out in the community, my youngest son broke the school record for chin ups during field day, We’re hoping to finish his Eagle scout project this week, I’ve turned 51, as mentioned earlier, resumed the annual battle of the weeds in my 1 1/2 acre yard, and am gearing up for a long awaited vacation before a summer of youth camp resumes in June. Did I forget anything? Probably. Whew! All this has made me tired. I’m gonna go take a break. Before I do I just want to say that all this activity, wearying as it is gives me cause to celebrate. I’m glad at my age life is more about what is to come than what used to be. God has been awesome n my life, even in the hard times. But He is still at work and leading into greater revelations of himself. Reminds me of what the prophet Haggai said, “The latter glory shall be greater than the former glory.” ┬áIn other words, you aint seen nothin’ yet. No sitting around pining over the good old days, at least not yet. God is always giving vision and hope for the future for those who are willing to keep looking ahead.