What are you becoming?

Mark 1:16-17

“Follow me and I will make you become fishers of men.” v. 17


If you want to know where you are with God, ask yourself this question, “what am I becoming?” Either you are becoming more like Jesus Christ or more like the world that crucified Him. Jesus promised to make His followers become what He is, a fisherman for people. He did not come to earth as a guru sitting in a cave atop some lonely mountain, waiting for seekers of truth to climb His way. He went out among people and spilled out His life daily to reach us. Either I am becoming more like Him or I am not. Jesus does not call us to salvation in a vacuum. Our salvation is directly linked to the salvation of others. He didn’t say to His first disciples, “Follow me and I will take you to heaven.” He said, “Follow me and I will make you become fishers of men.” The ideal result of becoming a follower of Jesus is that I become one who reaches out for others with the same gospel that saved me. If you have no interest at all in the salvation of others, go back to the cross and make sure you have salvation at all. This isn’t a matter of earning salvation, for we certainly cannot. This is a matter of living it out in it’s fullness.  The legalist would say, “If I am to be saved I must work for Jesus.” But the disciple says, “I am saved, and therefore I seek to save others, for that is what disciples do.” A bird rides the sky and sings it’s song, not to earn the right to be a bird, but simply because that is what birds do. It is simply living out its nature. The same is true with a disciple of Jesus. You have been born again, with the nature of Jesus planted within you through the Holy Spirit. He lives in you and simply must be Himself through you. The more you allow Him to be Himself through you the more you will become an expression of Christ in the world.


You came to Christ for help. You asked Him to save you, and save you He did. But then you noticed things seem to have gotten worse instead of better in some areas of your life. You have to deal with dark people and dwell in dark situations. You struggle with yourself more than you did before you came to Jesus. You wonder at times what you’ve gotten yourself into. Congratulations! Jesus is fulfilling His promise; “I will make you become fishers of men.” If you want to learn to fish, you have to go where the fish are. You have to deal with smelly creatures, dirty clothes, sharp hooks, and bugs. But if you keep at it you will find great joy in the catch. Just think, someone had to endure you in order to get you to Christ. They had to put up with your sinful ways, listen to your vain babble, and love you through your lost condition. But aren’t you glad they did? Aren’t you glad someone spoke up? Aren’t you glad someone got up off the pew and came looking for you? Where would you be if they hadn’t? Now go out there with your master and let Him show you how to make someone else glad forever.



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