Flip your life

Mark 1:18-20

“and immediately they left…” v. 18,20

I’m struck by the response of Jesus first disciples when He called them. The responded with immediacy and with abandon. “immediately they left their nets.” and “immediately they left their father.” When Jesus calls us do we respond in the same way? Are we immediate? Do we release everything to Him?


“immediately” – The disciples did not hesitate to drop everything and go with Jesus. What amazes me is that these men had just met the Lord when He called. What would cause grown men to respond so quickly to a man they barely knew? What was it about Jesus that compelled such apparent foolishness from them? From our position in history, it’s easy to imagine following Jesus in this way, but they had no idea what this man from Nazareth was really about. As far as they could tell He was just a religious guy talking about invisible kingdoms and loving your neighbor. Yet something compelled them to respond without hesitation. How immediate is your response to His call? In a culture where we expect everything in our lives to happen instantly, you would think this would be easy. We do everything immediately, from speed dating, to drive through, to high speed internet, we expect all of life to happen now. We want instant wealth, instant weight loss, and instant communication. But, at least in my own life, I find that this need for immediacy applies to everything except my response to God when He calls. When I call on God, I become impatient if I have to wait at all for His response to me. “Heal me now, Lord. Provide for me, quickly. Give me an instagram from heaven.” But when God calls, I suddenly lose the urge to be in such a hurry. I’m hesitant. I want to wait awhile and test the waters of providence before I step out of the boat. I want to do a little research before I respond. I tend to want everything on my timetable. How often have I missed out on what God was calling me to because I was waiting to feel ready?

“They left.”- They left their jobs, and family to go with Jesus. Again I ask, what would motivate grown men to live with such abandon? What could they have seen in this small town preacher that would cause them to apparently commit economic and relational suicide and go who knows where, to do who knows what, for who knows how long? From any practical perspective this was insane! Yet they went and turned the world upside down. I suppose if I want God to use me to turn the world upside down, I must first allow God to turn me upside down. I guess that’s part of the point of being a Jesus follower; you have to let Him turn you upside down. Let Him cut away all you depend on so that he becomes all you need. Your relationship with Jesus has to become the most important relationship in your life to the point of immediately abandoning everything and everyone else. When that happens you begin to truly live.


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