Do they know you in Hell?

Mark 1:29-34

“and he would not permit the demons to speak, because they knew him.” v. 34

Most of us have a warped idea of Satan and his demons. We imagine the devil sitting on a dark throne commanding his terrible forces of evil, and laughing with sadistic glee at the poor little saints on earth. We imagine him taunting the timid little angels while his powerful demons march around fearlessly. But the New Testament gives a different idea. Instead of a throne of power, imagine Satan hiding in a bunker, shell shocked by the advance of God’s kingdom. Imagine a bulletin board with a picture on it. It’s a picture of Jesus. Written at the bottom is a warning: “Beware! Armed and extremely dangerous.” Imagine the dimly lit bunker shaking violently, lights flickering on and off, dust flying with every crash of divine fury. The foundation is rocked by this man from Nazareth. One minute he’s casting out demons in the synagogue, then he’s healing the whole city on his door step. The demons knew who this man was and they were powerless against him. One whisper of His name sends panic into every demon in Hell. According to our verse today, the demons couldn’t even speak without Jesus permission. He would not allow them to speak, because they would tell who He was before it was time for Him to be fully revealed. They knew who Jesus was. They were terrified. Satan is not operating out of a position of power, but of panic. Yes, He has power and without Jesus we have no defense against him. But Jesus is well known and feared in Hell. His face is in the center of Satans bulletin board. Elsewhere on that board you could imagine some other pictures; saints, prophets, evangelists, intercessors, faithful believers, unknown to the world, but infamous in Hell. Beneath each photo you could find a similar warning: “Avoid this person. They are deeply involved with the Nazarene. They know who they are. Also armed and dangerous.”

Now theologically speaking I doubt such a bulletin board actually exists. But if it did, would your picture be on it? Is your Christianity a threat to the darkness? There is nothing more dangerous to the forces of Hell than a true believer who is walking in the power and love of Christ. Hell fears only those saints who know who Christ is in them and who they are in Christ. There is nothing more insignificant to the devil and useless to God than the “pretty good” lukewarm, people pleasing church goer who makes no impact on the world except filling a seat in church. Listen, my friend, the devil cares nothing  about a person becoming a Christian. He doesn’t mind if you are well-behaved, clean cut, and you smile in restaurants. If being nice is the extent of your Christian expression, Hell has nothing to fear from you. But when you clothe yourself in Christ’s spiritual armor and start calling others to healing, salvation, and freedom-as Jesus commanded you to- then your name goes up on the board. Satan is not bothered by your devotions, but he panics at your devotion. He cares not when you recite daily prayers, but goes into depression when you get on your knees and start pleading before the throne of God with all your heart. Read your Bible all you want, as long as you don’t do what it says. Friends, if we would be true followers of Jesus, we must go where he goes and do what he does. We must give up our nice neat religion of people pleasing and take up our cross and follow Jesus into the battle for a lost world. We must become offensive to every expression of darkness, so that every morning when you wake up, alarms go off in hell: “Oh no! she’s awake!” “Uh oh, here he comes again.”


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