God is not a search engine.

Mark 4:10-20

“To you has been given the secret of the kingdom of God, but for those on the outside everything is in parables,” v. 11

The word of God is not a delicacy to be tasted, but a treasure to be sought. Are you frustrated that God isn’t answering your questions?  Is the lord taking too long to reveal his truth to you? The Lord is not obliged to hand out his truth at our whim. Jesus told his disciples that they were being let in on the secrets of the kingdom of God, while those on the outside would not yet understand. This was to fulfill what Isaiah the prophet had spoken centuries earlier; that many would see but not perceive, and hear but not understand. “How can this be fair?” you ask. “How can God withhold truth from us?” you protest. Such a question, which I have asked as well, only serves to reveal our presumptuous sin nature. We can’t imagine God withholding anything from our majesties. And yet he does, in part , to keep us from being so overly familiar with his word that we no longer see it for the treasure it is. If God simply told us everything we wanted to hear, he would have to relegate himself to being some kind of glorified search engine, which we would desire him to be, so that we self important sinners could just type in our requests, download the information we need for the moment and be on our way. But God did not create us just to inform us. He created us for a relationship of faith and love. So where do faith and love come from? They come from seeking God, drawing close, pressing in. We develop faith and love by going deep with God, as the twelve had done. While the maddening crowds just want to know how to get to heaven, the disciple wants to follow Jesus and to really know him. If all you want is to get to heaven you are likely to miss it. You must seek the creator, not just his creation. The redeemer, and not just his redemption. The king, and not just his kingdom. The healer, and not just his healing.

When a person follows closely with Jesus, he opens the secrets of the kingdom to them and they discover much more than seven steps to prosperity, or four steps to heaven, or twenty nine steps to the Holy Spirit. They discover the heart and mind of God himself. We preachers, find ourselves at odds with the Lord, for example, when we bang on heaven’s door for a quick sermon idea, but we have no time to sit at our masters feet. We need him to hurry up and give us a good message, on the importance of spending time with God, so we can preach it to our people. If we aren’t careful we become like the scribes who, “Tie heavy burdens on men’s shoulders, but don’t lift a finger to carry them.” We preach about prayer, but aren’t praying ourselves. No wonder the secrets of the kingdom are being kept from us. Whether you are a preacher or not, you cannot know the deep things of God while maintaining a shallow spiritual life. If you would know the secret you must draw near to hear it whispered.


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