Mark 13:1-2

“…there will not be left here one stone upon another that will not be thrown down.” v.2

Lord, I’ve built this for you.

Aren’t you impressed?

See my lofty work stretching skyward? You can read my name on the spire.

The marbled halls of  charity, polished

So shiny and clear, I can see my own reflection in every panel.

Stained glass prayer rooms depicting my noble thoughts

for all to see and marvel.

The acoustics are great in here.

You can hear my voice echoing all

the way


the halls.

Aren’t you proud, Lord? I built this monument for you…

At least

that’s how it started

I made this altar of golden accomplishments

to bring



please excuse my fingerprints, I can’t seem to get them off.

I’ve tried, but they won’t leave.

What’s that Lord? I’m sorry I misunderstood.

How funny. I could have sworn you said…

What? It has to come down?

You must be kidding!

Don’t you dare!

Do you know how long I worked….

but, Lord…

I don’t get it!

I built this with my own hands!

It’s for you, so you’d better not




If you touch one more thing I’ll ki…

No wait!

I didn’t mean…

What I meant to say was…

It’s mine. All mine. For you?

Where are you going? Stop. Come back.

I haven’t shown you my favorite part.

the Throne room…I’m sure once you see it you’ll change your mind.


Now I’m confused.


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