Looking for the exit sign

Mark 14:10-11

“And he sought an opportunity to betray him.” v. 11

Judas sat there glaring. “I didn’t sign up for this!” He spat out under his breath. He could still smell the odor of that wasted perfume bottle. He couldn’t wait for Jesus and the others to leave Simon’s house. He came to Jesus with a big dream, a way out of from under the Roman thumb. When this Nazarene came along casting out demons and raising dead people, things looked promising. But all this catering to losers was becoming too much. “If I have to sit with another filthy leper I’ll scream! I thought he had a good angle, trying to appeal to the grass roots, but I’m starting to think he actually cares for these filthy, smelly, ignorant fools!”

Today a line was crossed. Judas sat, hypnotized in unbelief, watching this common whore, pouring perfume on Jesus. How could a supposed king, endure such a gross display? What made it worse was Jesus response. Judas could still hear it ringing in his ears, “Wherever the gospel is proclaimed in the whole world, what she has done will be told in memory of her.”  Seriously! Time to start looking for the exit sign.

Judas stomach shriveled up at the sound of it. If following this man means that we have to treat whores like queens he would have no part of it. And if a master cannot see the value of money, allowing it to be thrown away so easily, then “Count me out!” He fumed. This revolution is going nowhere fast. Does this messiah imagine you can build a kingdom on love and mercy alone?

Judas mind began to spin with hurricane force. He realized that if he was going to build an empire to rival the Romans, Jesus was not the man to follow. This messiah cares nothing about such things. This Nazarene is too heavenly minded to be any earthly good, as far as Judas could see. “He’s too eager to dole out mercy to worthless failures, when he ought to be courting the people with real power!”

“Maybe I can work a deal with the chief priests.” He thought. They seem to have a grasp on how things work in the real world.” “Yes, they understand power and economics. They know how to get the right people in place to get things done.” “I need someone who can help me fill my pockets, not empty them!”

“Let these Jesus followers waste their lives on whores with broken jars. Let them trail after this idealist and all his love and mercy.” “I came to Jesus with a big dream, but he apparently has another one in mind…”


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