The Power link.

“…because he has anointed me…”

Something unbelievable has happened, between the “He” and the “Me”. Read the phrase again; “Because he has anointed me.” Did you see it? Look again;

“He…has anointed…me.” There it is.

If you take out the middle two words, you an enormous gap between “He” and “Me”.

That’s the way it was for so long, not just for me, but for all of us. For many who claim his name, the gap still seems present, because there is something missing in the middle, but more on that later. First let’s look at the two ends of the equation.

He- God almighty! Pure, Holy, incomprehensible, inscrutable, sometimes completely baffling. His very thoughts are so foreign to our sense of reason and logic that there should be no way we could ever be together. His righteousness makes our morality look reprehensible. His vast wealth of knowledge makes the most academic of us look moronic. There is nothing in the universe that adequately defines or describes this other worldly being. Should you be surprised that He says and does things that leave you dumbfounded? Get a clue. This is no “Big guy upstairs” This is the very foundation and engineer of our existence. Without him any existence is its own hell. In his presence even the lowest circumstance is heavenly. He has no interest in being “cool” or “Hip” He isn’t scanning the polls to see if you approve, because like it or not, at the end of the day he was is and always will be God! Deal with it or deny it. It makes no difference, in the outcome, He is who he is. He doesn’t need the endorsement of science or the nod of Philosophy, or even the affirmation of religion. God will be God forever and ever amen. Now let’s look at the other end.

Me- Finite, broken, proud and fearful at the same time. Hungry for meaning yet full of my own sense of self. Desiring a pure world, as long as I can be bad when I want to. Insecure, yet proud enough to shake my fist at God if He lets it rain on my parade. Deeply loved, yet chasing false love from dead idols. My life is being written by the hand of my creator, but I’m trying desperately to steal the copyright. I want God on a leash, or no god at all. I’m the only part of creation that has the nerve to shake it’s fist at my maker and say, “Who are you to tell me what to do?” I have rebelled against God and blamed him for it. I am guilty, condemned, and rightly judged. In myself I have no hope. Yet I long for his presence, his love and his power in my life. Can I ever have it? Can the enormous Gap between He and me ever be bridged? This is where the good news comes in. Now we look at the phrase in the middle. the game changer

“…has anointed me…”

Anointing is power, privilege and authority outpoured. Ancient kings and priests were anointed with Holy oil, signifying an enormous privilege given from God. It’s a gift of grace poured out generously, covering every flaw, and embracing every place of brokenness. When Jesus first spoke these words about himself he was acknowledging a wonderful relationship with his father.

“He has anointed me…” – My father, in other words, has poured out his power, his privilege, and his authority on his son. Jesus walked in the middle of the sentence. He was the anointed one, that’s what “Christ” means…anointed. He walked in the generous outpouring of God’s authority, privilege and power. But there’s more. This ought to blow your mind and alter the way you look at your whole existence.

When Jesus said these words, he wasn’t just making a statement, he was setting a precedent. Jesus Christ became the first of many brethren, the Bible tells us. It tells us that, as he was, so are we in this world. It says, whoever says he believes in him ought also to walk even as he walked. Do you see it? Walking as Jesus walked is much more than good behavior and loving kindness. It’s walking…as…he walked. Check out his teachings again, his words are brimming with this reality! If you miss this you miss the whole essence of being a Christian. If Christ means, anointed, what do you think Christian means? Wake up church!

The anointed one has bridged the gap between He and Me. And everyone who follows him is given the same anointing of the Spirit, because we are more than converts to a religion we are sons and daughters of the king. Read Ephesians chapter one and see that you have access to the same power that heals the sick, casts out demons, and even raises the dead! Christ is alive in you and that is why you are alive! That truth, that you are anointed as sons and daughters of God and have access to all the power, privilege and authority he has should have one of two effects.

It shout make you shout or doubt.

Either it should make you shout with joy at such an unspeakable gift, or doubt that you are truly his. For without the spirit, the anointing, there is no Christianity, regardless of what you say you believe, or how much Bible you know or what church you attend. We are not born of doctrines, or the Bible, or the Church, but of the Spirit. We need those things for sure, but what makes us alive is Christ, the anointed one, who has anointed us to do what he did. Check yourself out today. Are you walking in the spirit or in self made religion?

Now go look in the mirror and say this, say it slowly and thankfully, “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me….” He has bridged the gap. He has filled in all your broken places with the oil of grace. He has chosen you and redeemed you to go in his power, privilege and authority. Never forget that. Now go and help others fill in the gaps.


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