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                                    Here it is! My latest Book! Reflections of a Jesus Follower. Volume 2



In Reflections, volume 2, we take a story by story journey through the Gospel of Mark. This is a great resource for personal Bible study and devotional time. This devotional – study combines Bible study with personal reflection. A new feature of this book is the use of imagination through Biblical fiction. As we look at the final week of Jesus life we see Him through they eyes of hidden characters who experience Jesus in surprising ways. For a fresh look at this ancient text you’ll enjoy reading this. Just go to and type in the title by R. Mark Driskill Thanks!


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Reflections of a Jesus Follower is a story by story devotional from the Gospel of Luke. It is written for the person who wants to go deeper in the story of Jesus, as told by St. Luke in the New Testament. I tried to take a unique look at Jesus life and teachings and apply them to the lives we live today. Below is an excerpt from the book:

Luke 1:26-38

Cancel Your Plans to be Normal

Mary and Joe had it all planned out. They were going to settle down in Nazareth and start a family. Joe would go to work every day at the shop while Mary took care of the home. They would have lots of babies. She would be soccer mom and Joe would be the best contractor in town. Then one day while Mary was humming wedding tunes and choosing floral patterns, Gabriel showed up with a newsflash. Memo: Your plans are about to change radically. The marriage and the carpenter shop would still happen but Mary’s whole world would go into a tailspin first. She would become supernaturally pregnant and carry in her body the Son of God. Can you imagine trying to explain that one to the family?  One minute she has her whole life planned out and the next she is being asked to make history. All her plans for a normal life were canceled. Ever feel like that? Just when you thought you had all your ducks in a row, a huge wave of providence comes along and sends them scattering across the water. Once again we are reminded that we were not created to see how smoothly we could sail through life. We were created to take part in God’s plan to save the world from the normalcy of sin and death. You and I can choose to reject God’s strategy for our lives or we can do what Mary did. She simply said “Behold I am the servant of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word.”(v.38). You see, it was all about perspective. Mary had the perspective that her life was created for God and she was his servant. Do you see yourself as God’s servant? Or are you trying to live independently, for your own goals and dreams? Mary understood that her life would never be satisfied by anything less than God’s plan for her. She could have had the little house with the picket fence but it would have left her with an ache in her soul. There is nothing wrong with picket fences if that is what God calls you to. The point is that satisfaction does not come from achieving normalcy. It comes from finding your purpose in God. When you find that, you will find that life is too precious to settle for normalcy. ”  (p. 9 Reflections, by R. Mark Driskill)      

Risen, is a devotional study of Paul’s letter to the Colossians. While the first book covers story by story, this one goes through verse by verse. Each day there is a reflection on one verse. The main theme is living the risen life. The premise is as simple as Paul’s original letter. First, Christ has done all that is needed through the cross and his resurrection, to save those who trust in him. Second, we, who believe in him, are to live as those who have risen from death to life as he did. But what does this mean practically? How does one live the risen life? What is the gospel and how do we live it out? These questions and others are addressed in this daily devotional guide. Below is an excerpt:

“Day 54 Get your mind on the game!

Col. 3:2″Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth.”

My High School football career was less than glorious. For example, one Friday night we were in a tough game. Our team was down by two touchdowns. There I stood on the sidelines, in my nice clean uniform, probably wondering why I hardly ever got out on the field. Next to me stood a player (we’ll call him James) who had been in and out of the game all night. He was covered in mud and scrapes from some very intense play. As I looked around the field in my boredom I started commenting on the band that played for the other team. My friend James glared at me and barked, “Get your mind on the game!” Then I think I began to realize why I was sitting on the sidelines in my nice clean uniform, instead of getting into the game. The problem wasn’t the team, or the coaches. The problem was me and my lack of focus. The coach was not going to put me in the game when my mind was somewhere else. Sounds a lot like what happens in Christian living to me. Too many of us are standing on the sidelines, wondering why God isn’t using us. We wonder why we don’t hear his voice, or feel his presence. We think the divine coach just has favorites and we aren’t good enough. But the real problem is us. We don’t have our minds on the kingdom of God. We are distracted with our own lives, our own dreams and wants so that when God calls us we can’t hear him. Jesus told his followers, “Why do you not understand what I say? It is because you cannot bear to hear my word.” (John 8:43)They couldn’t hear his voice because they had no stomach for his word. Their minds were on other things….” (p. 117, Risen, by R. Mark Driskill)

 Future Titles to look for….

“What in God’s name are you doing?” – a discovery of the power of God’s name in your life.

First steps into the Kingdom- A primer for new believers and seekers.

“And this I pray” – A study on the prayers of Paul and how they can revolutionize your walk with God.








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